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Originally Posted by stacyhaney View Post
Do you think if I started out with a good sized young group, they could grow up in a 150-4x2 tank or is a 6' tank better?
I think that you can start them off in anything really. But once they start getting bigger, you'll need a little bigger tank. Even a 5ft 100-110g would be good.

I have 7 WC in a 180g and they breed but this is only a short term situation and so far so good. Although the male tends to keep the rest in the corner of the opposite side of the tank. lol

But when feeding time comes they all rush to the front of the tank and there's no issues while the pellets sink. It's only when they hit the bottom and sit there for 30 sec that they male starts running everyone off.

It's kind of humorous watching them swim down as fast as they can to get a couple pellets with just enough time for him to bolt over and run them back to the corner. He's pretty controlling! But he's not really beating on them at all. Just laying the law down really. More like a bark than a bite.
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