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Default Jumbo F1 Longola colony PRICE DROP!

Well, it's time for me to make a change. I've grown these guys from 1" fry and love them, but I would like to move on to something else.

For sale are 17 (or 18...can't remember off hand) f1 longola from different sources. Ratio is under 50/50 with more females than males. Largest male is close to 12" and the smallest fish is no smaller than 7". Produced lots of babies that have sold in no time at all. These fish are for PICK UP ONLY at my house in the sf bay area. I will not ship these guys, they're not worth risking. Aggression in this group amounts to chasing and some fin nipping.

Videos of this group are available on youtube, under the username petrolover.


Thanks for looking
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