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Old 07-09-2012, 12:22 AM
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Default For those of you that dont know me yet.

Just wanted to give some of you that dont know me yet alittle back ground on me. My website is up now and I will add direct links soon with the new logos. Heres alittle about me, Greg

The wonderful world of aquatics has always been my greatest passion. At a very young age I was entranced by the water and its inhabitants. Being born in Kentucky I had access to all types of water, it didnt matter if i was exploring a lake, stream or pond, I was hooked. I received my first aquarium when I was 4 and so it began. I attended Eastern kentucky University for aquatic biology. While there in the early 90s I worked in pet stores and was introduced to african cichlids. Tanganyikans quickly captured everything I loved about fish. I was amazed with their personalities, breeding behaviors, and truly impressed how well they filled every niche in the lake. I started breeding every type I could get my hands on and it seemed like I had a real knack for it. The first was a group of wild Tropheus duboisi Maswa. I was in love with Tropheus and quickly breed and moved through most of the Tropheus. Then it was on to Petros, Lamps, then Cyphos. The internet wasnft the vehicle back then that it is today. Just on word of mouth mostly I supplied pet stores, wholesalers and had people traveling to Richmond, Ky to buy my fry. While in college I worked with the state, Frankfort as a volunteer occasionally on the freshwater shrimp development program and helped with species counts and research throughout Kentucky. As college was coming to a end I knew aquatics in one form or another was were I wanted to be. In 1998 I returned home to Louisville, Ky to work for the government testing everything from wastewater to rain events. Although I had a very prominent position and what most considered the kind of job you retire from something was missing. Their was all kinds of red tape and politics and I was given very little field time. I had been trained on all the new high tech testing equipment such as BOD magic and they wanted me in the lab in a basement with no windows. I gained a lot of experience in all areas of water testing and instead of training someone else my field time promises were never fulfilled and I was kept in the lab. After much consideration I decided to resign my position and pursue my true passion. At this time I attempted to work for the state, i just wanted in the field, but jobs were scarce. There was even a chance I was going to take over the aquatic house for the Louisville zoo, but budget constraints and the fact that it was half reptiles it fell threw. Lesson learned, donft quit a job until you have another one lined up, but I was miserable and still stand behind my decision. So here I was, no job, finally had the time to set up some tanks like I had planned on doing for years but had just gotten to busy with work. As Frost says, I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference. While working in the lab I was also in charge of Quality Control which I have carried over to my company. I only keep the highest quality fish and will not deal in subpar fish no matter what kind of deal I could get them for. LittleAfricaAquatics had always been my dream. I wanted to open a pet store that was unmatched with amazing displays done right. Although with the super pet stores of today i thought it to be a bad ideal. I started small in my basement during a recession in 07 and quickly built a huge client base both locally and online throughout the US. I believe what sets LAA apart from the rest is our dedication and passion for the world of aquatics and our true concern for the welfare of its inhabitants. I have never sold fish under any name except mine, Greg Miceli or LittleAfricaAquatics and hope that the LAA name is always revered in the highest regards for excellence. In most cases we supply only wild or F1 stock. In some cases there are manmade fish, line breed or fish that just arenft exported anymore that we will provide as long as the quality is there. I strive to provide you with the highest quality fish and happy and healthy specimens. Besides breeding 100Œs of africans I also network with other breeders who are unmatched in the hobby. Through networking I have put together what I feel is one of the most diverse and impressive Tanganyikan list in the country. All pics used by LAA are of our own fish or of the parents of the fry we are selling from the breeders I use. With our fish we donft skimp on anything. We use mostly seachem products, every tank receives Amquel, novaqua, seachem lake salt, seachem buffer, seachem trace elements and regular aquarium salt every water change. Our foods are either made fresh for us, like our flake or we use freeze dried or frozen foods daily. We use only 3 mil bags, double bagged with O2 and 1 piece styros. We strive for perfection in all facets. In closing I am a hobbyist first and fore most. This is a passion first and a business second. I have received the same fish a hundred times, but every time I open those boxes it feels like Christmas. If that feeling was to ever fade then I may have to rethink things. This is what I do, this is it, this is my full time job and you have my full time attention. If its Sat. night and your fish are stuck in Idaho, im on the phone with a manger in Idaho, I wont rest until your fish are safe and sound in your tank. Your experience with us will be a pleasurable one, providing beautiful high quality fish, unmatched customer service like the good old days when people took pride in it as we do. I am a honest guy who has a deep admiration for our aquatic friends. Feel free to call me anytime as there is nothing I like more than discussing fish. We have graduated from buying fish to breed from the pet stores in the early 90s to doing direct import ourselves. Along with quality stock we also offer you over 20 years experience breeding and keeping Africans. I am happiest when my hands are in water. It is true what they say, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I genuinely love fish and love providing them safely to you.
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