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Old 04-18-2013, 02:22 PM
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Default Fish Just In!

Current Fish List For LittleAfricaAquatics.Com: 4/18/2013-Discounts are available!

LittleAfricaAquatics.com is also the proud owner of Cyphos.com, Trophs.com, Petrochromis.com, and AfricanCichlidForum.com Feel Free To Stop By Or Join For Free. Also like us on facebook.

New Shirts In-Really High Quality-Hanes Beefy Tag less Tess-Logo On Both Sides=$12.50/Shirt!

New Fish In 4/18!

New Direct Africa Import Coming Soon!

Website up now!-Sign Up There For New Price List to Be Sent As New Fish Arrive!

Wild Tanganyika:
Alto. Black Congo calvus 2.5-4" Jetblack bodies,white pearls popping off the body, came in stunning, really beautiful, showing some wonderful yellow hues! $105.00/Pair. (10)
Alto. Chaitika White calvus 3-4" Have become really hard to get, bright white, not gray like some you see, burning white, the real deal, absolutely stunning! $100.00/Pair. (2)
Benthochromis tricoti 5-8" Super hot males, bright yellows and blues, came in really nice and healthy, good finage, Nice! $105.00/fish. (10)
Chalinochromis sp. ndobhoi 4-5+" Beauties, bright white bodies, vivid black mask and dots, amazing, nice and fat! $95.00/Pair. (7)
Cyph. frontosa Kigoma 7 Stripe 5-8" Came in nice and big, more yellow showing than usually, really great looking with the blues, will make great breeders, big females and males, nice! $95.00/fish. (10) (5M) (5F)
Cyph. gibberosa Kitumba Zaire Blue 4-8" Deep dark blues, big stout males, show quality, really nice, some big, fat males and nice young females, hot fish! $155.00/fish. (4) (1M) (3F)
Enantiopus sp. kilesa 3-4" One of the hottest sand sifters of all time, bright yellow throats and a ton of color on the males, good young size will make perfect breeders for along time! $70.00/fish. (8)
Eretmodus cyan. Bulu Point Red 3-4" Came in big and bright, nice reds in the body with blue dots, really stunning! $60.00/Pair. (10)
Eretmodus cyan. Kigoma Orange 3-3.5" Came in fat and healthy, bright orange in the fins reallys pops, great yellow in the sides, really nice! $55.00/Pair. (12)
Lamp. callipterus 2-3" These little guys are hard to find, super cool shellies, get good size and are little beauties! $21.00/fish. (39)
Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 3-3.5+" Amazing camo bodies, really beautiful markings, amazing shellie! $55.00/Pair. (7)
Lepidiolamprologus Nkambe 4-6" Wicked Tang. predator, long pike like body with amazing markings, nice blues and yellows in the face, hot fish, not collected a lot anymore! $155.00/Pair. (4)
Lobochilotes labiatus 3.5-5.5" Rare unquie tang., love these guys, zebra pattern on the white body really stands out and the big curled up lips look so cool! $65.00/fish. (9)
Mastacembelus sp. Mpulungu 5-6" Beautiful markings, cute little guys, one of the nicer looking eels I have imported, a must for a Tang. community tank, awesome! $48.00/fish. (4)
Mastacembelus sp. Mpulungu 10-12" Monsters, show quality, beautiful markinds, big rudder tails, big and beautiful! $75.00/fish. (2)
Neolamp. bifasciatus kantalamba 2.5-3" Cool lamp., black stripes on beidge body with some yellow, really nice, torpedo shaped lamp.! $32.00/fish. (5)
Neolamp. brichardi Kantalamba daffodil 3-3.5" Bright yellow dorsals, long finage and all the personality one could ask for, stunning! $58.00/Pair. (16)
Neolamp. mustax Orange Milambo 3-3.5" Stunning little fish, the nicest color-yellowish orange, the orange fins stand out, rarely see these anymore, hot lamp.! $95.00/Pair. (20)
Ophth. boops Nkondwe "Neon Stripe" 3.5-5" One of my fav featherfins of all time, gets amazing blues and silvers, hard to beat these guys! $58.00/fish. (12) Extra Males-male Only $38.00/fish.
Ophth. nasuta bilila Black 3.5-4.5" RARE, never seen these wild in the US before, stunning nasuta gets amazing navy blues and yellows, was really glad to finally hunt these down in Africa! $64.00/fish. (9)
Ophth. nasuta Chimba "Tiger" 4-6" Show quality males, full color, brown dots adorn the head and back and really pop off the bright gold bodies, absolutely beautiful, a must have for featherfin lovers! $105.00/Pair. (10) (5M) (5F)
Ophth. nasuta Mukosa Gold Congo 4-6" Big beautiful bright full color golden males with long trailer fins, stunning looking featherfin, really knockouts! $98.00/Pair. (10) (5M) (5F)
Ophth. ventralis Orange Cap Kambwimba 4-6" Hot blue bodies and nice bright orange caps make this a all time fav ventralis! $42.00/fish. (8)
Petrochromis macrognathus Kambo Ikola 6-9" WOW-RARE, right out of the bag the yellow on these is blinding, the nicest marco. I have seen, blow Katumbi Point out of the water, hot fish! $175.00/fish. (15) (7M) (8F)
Petrochromis polyodon Katete 7-8+" Holysh*t, not even sure if these have ever been in the US, if so, not much, they only wanted to let me have 1 box, but I fought for a second, glad I did too, bright yellow faces that go into a ring around the head area with some blue hues, really stunning, might keep these, not sure yet! $285.00/fish. (8) (5M) (3F) Extra males-male only $125.00/fish.
Petrochromis sp. Blue Bulu Point 7-8" RARE, first time in the US, color is so-so, kind of powder blue like a smaller version of a blue giant, females are like a green, nice size and rare, might just need to settle in more as ive never seen a pic or anything on them so not sure, but cool! $135.00/fish. (7) (4M) (3F)
Petrochromis sp. Flametail 5-9" Came in fat and healthy like tanks, still pretty new, not many breeding yet, love the orange the flametail shows, nice solid Petro. with amazing color, beautiful! $195.00/fish. (11) (4M) (7F)
Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point 5-7" RARE, nice and young fish will make excellent breeders, nice young fat females, bright red males really nice, getting harder and harder to get these guys in, really nice, the #1 petro. in the US! $500.00/fish. (4) (2M) (2F)
Petrochromis sp. Texas Bulu 5-6" Stunning amazing vivid blue mask, bright colors and really unquie lookig petro., beautiful! $95.00/fish. (8)
Syn. eurystoma/polli 3.5-5+" Great looking syno., beautiful markings similar to a petricola, but slightly different a very beautiful! $42.00/fish. (19)
Syn. multipunctatus 3.5-4" Great syno., nice big fat cats, make great breeders! $28.00/fish. (41)
Syn. spec. Crocodile Island 7-8" Beast, beautiful markings, show quality cat, really stunning looking! $75.00/fish. (1)
Syn. spec. Crocodile Island 3-3.5" NEW, RARE, looks like a petricola some but even cooler, some monsters came in this import! $36.00/fish. (2)
Tanganicodus irsacae Lusingu 3-4" I love this goby, great yellow bars and blue dots, good size, really came in nice! $60.00/Pair. (8)
Tropheus brichardi Bulombora 3-4" WOW, the yellow on these really make them one of the top brichardis, really stunning, unquie fish! $34.00/fish. (24) (6M) (18F)
Tropheus brichardi Kabimba "Canary Cheek" 3-4" Wicked dark bodies with huge bright yellow cheeks, really pops off the body, amazing contrast, really beautiful! $34.00/fish. (30) (10M) (20F)
Tropheus brichardi Yungu Green Congo 3-4" RARE, Still new to the US and really hot brichardi with black tail, green body and blue eyes, this fish has it all! $48.00/fish. (46) (22M) (24F) Extra Males $24.00/fish.
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 3-4" Hard to come by and the most amazing quality, bright fat yellow bands pop off jetblack bodies with nice blue faces, the real deal, super nice! $48.00/fish. (24) (5M) (19F)
Tropheus moorii Kalambo 3-4" Came in amazing, nice and plump, bright yellow sides, some blues, really lookers and ratio wise look, WOW, remember last import got 75 super nice ones and they were gone quick! $34.00/fish. (62) (12M) (50F)
Tropheus moorii Kasanga Red Rainbow 3-5" WOW, came in big and fat, built like tanks, huge fat females, great yellows and reds, will make amazing breeders, nice fat round heads, not old looking, just big and healthy! $30.00/fish. (60) (20M) (40F)
Tropheus moorii Red Kalambwe Congo 3-4" Crazy bright reds, nice and thick, just back in the US for the first time in years over the past couple imports, still RARE and hard to come by, top red troph.! $54.00/fish. (13) (3M) (10F)
Tropheus moorii Red Ndole Bay "Fluorescent" 3-4" Came in nice, glowing red, really beautiful trophs, flat out stunning! $30.00/fish. (26) (6M) (20F)
Xenotilapia flavipinnis Kainda Diamond 3-3.5" RARE, never had these before, beautiful yellows and diamond reflections in the sides, really stunning! $75.00/fish. (15)
Xenotilapia ochrogenys Kavala 3-3.5" Super hot Xeno., love these guys, get amazing yellows, really hot fish! $42.00/fish. (6)
Xenotilapia papilio Kipili Gold 3-3.5" Any papilio is an amazing Xeno., but Kipili are one of the nicest, blue eyeball in the dorsal, bright yellows, really beautiful! $58.00/fish. (11)

Tank Raised Tanganyika:
F1 Alto. Sumbu Draft compressiceps 1" So cool, gets amazing blue lips, huge eye, amazing dwarf, RARE! $18.00/fish. (12)
F1 Callochromis melanogoatigma 1" Cool sand sifter gets nice reds and yellows, really unquie Tang., beautiful fish! $12.50/fish. (16)
F1 Ctenochromis horei 2-2.5+" Nice young breeders, males of these have it all, red dots on the sides, some black dots on the face, yellows, blues, just a unquie Tang. that is drop dead beautiful, one holding right now! $18.00/fish. (6) (2M) (4F)
F1 Cyath. foai Kachese 3.5-4.5" Really nice foai, good size young proven breeders, amazing blues! $40.00/fish. (6)
F1 Julidochromis dickfeldi Midnight Dark Blue 1.5-2" Great size, deep blues and blacks make this Julie. so stunning, super nice! $16.00/fish. (6)
F1 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 1.5-2" Rich yellows and blacks compliment each other so well, really beautiful fish! $10.00/fish. (32)
F1 Julidochromis regani Kipili 1-1.5" Bright yellow really pops, alittle blue, just an amazing Julie., stunning! $10.00/fish. (34)
F1 Lamp. similis 1" Thick bands, bie eye, beautiful cool shellie, all personality! $16.00/fish. (15)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 1.5-2.5" Super cool camoed shellie, nice size! $12.00/fish. (30)
F1 Neolamp. buescheri Gombe 1" Beautiful lamp., great pattern on the body, blues and blacks, really stuning! $18.00/fish. (5)
F1 Neolamp. buescheri Kamakonde "Zaire Gold" 1" RARE, Amazing yellow in the body makes this the top buescheri out there and very hard to find, amazing lamp.! $21.00/fish. (3)
F1 Neolamp. helianthus Yellow Congo 1-1.5+" Super yellow, great fish! $10.00/fish. (10)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi Orange Karilani 2.5-3.5" Nice orangish-yellow color, clean, breeding size! $40.00/Pair. (15)
F1 Neolamp. nigraventris 1-1.5" RARE, unquie two toned beauty, torpedo shaped beauties! $18.75/fish. (6)
F1 Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point 1-1.5" Super hot, one of the top Tangs going right now! $55.00/fish. (1)
F1 Syn. multipunctatus 1.5-2" Super cool little cats, beautiful silver bodies with black, swim like little sharks! $15.75/fish. (15)
F1 Telematochromis brichardi Mikinga 2.5-3.5+" Super cool Tang., Julie like body, shellie like face, really unique, breeding size! $12.75/fish. (3)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Kabimba Canary Cheek 1-1.5" Gets the most amazing yellow cheek that pops off the chocolate bodies, cool brichardi! $16.00/fish. (20)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe Red Cheek 1" Great brichardi, gets vivid red cheeks that make these one of the most desirable brichardis! $16.50/fish. (15)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Ulwile 1-1.5" Super hot brichardi, gold is vivid and pops with the chocolate stripes, bright beauties! $15.75/fish. (30)
F1 Tropheus duboisi Maswa 1-1.5" Great quality, bright white dots pop off the juvies, as adults think yellow bands with deep blue faces, amazing! $13.50/fish. (39)
F1 Tropheus moorii Kasanga Red Rainbow 1-1.5" One of the top trophs, already showing amazing reds and yellows, top strand here, bred from hand picked top quality group! $16.50/fish. (20)
F1 Tropheus moorii Purple Lufubu 1" The real deal, amazing purplish-blues throughout with some yellow and red in the scales, amazing strand, super hot color! $16.50/fish. (37)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Kiriza AKA Kaiser II 1.5-2+" Nice size, bright thick rich yellow bands really pop off the jetblack bodies, really nice! $16.00/fish. (21)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Kirschfleck AKA Bulu Cherry Spot 1" Black beauties show vivid reds that pop off the bodies, one of the nicest black species by far! $15.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Pemba Orange Flame 1" One of my all time fav trophs, these little guys already showing somne of their rich orange that with their black bodies looks so amazing! $15.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus sp. Ikola 1-1.5" Hot troph, gets amazing huge yellow bands on jetblack bodies, hard to beat really! $15.00/fish. (7)
F1 Variabilichromis moorii 1.5-2" Cool, gold babies turn into beautiful black adults with blue around the fringe of the fins, unquie shape like saltwater angel! $10.75/fish. (12)

Wild Malawian:
Aul. sp. Blue Neon Undu Point 3-4.5" Burning blues and yellows really pop, nice young peacocks will make super nice breeding stock, sweet color! $78.00/Pair. (26) (9M) (17F)

Tank Raised Malawian:
Aul. rubescens "Ruby Red Peacock" 2-3" Nice strand, little males starting to show amazing redish oranges and bright blue faces, reallt nice! $30.00/Pair. (12)
F1 Aul. stuart. Ngara Flametail 1-1.5" Nice strand, get amazing blues and redish-oranges, one of the top peacocks! $12.00/fish. (47)
Aul. stuart. Regal Maclear 4-4.5" Proven breeders, big females and bright blue males, amazing size and color! $75.00/Pair. (10)
F1 Champsochromis caeruleus The Trout Cichlid 1.5-2" These guys get big and beautiful, males get bright blue with long red fins, not too many fish look more impressive than a full color trout! $15.00/fish. (26)
F1 Protomelas sp. spilonotus Tanzania 2-3+" Hot blues and golds starting to show on males, really beautiful fish, gets amazing color! $38.00/Pair. (23)

Wild Plecos:
Baryancistrus chrysolomus "Mango Pleco" L047 6" WOW, beautiful monsters, bright yellow soaked fins look amazing, big beauties! $165.00/fish. (1)
Hemiancistrus subviridis Green Phantom Pleco L200 4-6" Came in vivid greens and yellows, eating like pigs immediately, super hot pleco! $56.00/fish. (3)
Hypancistrus debilittera "Columbia Zebra Pleco" L129 1.5" Beautiful markings on these little guys, really vivid, super nice affordable pleco, great stripes! $16.00/fish. (50)
Hypancistrus debilittera "Columbia Zebra Pleco" L129 2-3" Beautiful markings on these little guys, really vivid, super nice affordable pleco, great stripes! $21.00/fish. (30)
Hypancistrus sp. L201 "Inspector Pleco" L201 2-3" Bright big dots pop off the body, really super little pleco! $26.00/fish. (14)
Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias "Toothnose Sailfin" L240 4-8" RARE, crazy high dorsal, amazing jetblack body with vivid white dots, really amazing pleco! $98.00/fish. (14)
Leporacanthicus joselimai "Sultan Gray Pleco" L264 5-6" Never seen these this big, full grown adults, amazing gray bodies with black pokadots all over and white tipped fins, amazing, stunning pleco! $175.00/fish. (8)
Leporacanthicus triactis "Three Beacon Pleco" or "Bloodfin Pleco" L91 3-4" Awesome, bright orange in the fins, dark gray armoured body, black dots, wow! $45.00/fish. (9)
Panaque cf. nigrolineatus "Watermelon Pleco" L330 6-8" Big fat red eyed beauties, amazing color in the stripes, just a show stopper of a pleco! $85.00/fish. (6)
Panaque cf. nigrolineatus "Watermelon Pleco" L330 4-6" Nice little faties, bright red eyes, beautiful water melon color, just a stunning fish! $65.00/fish. (2)
Pseudocanthicus cf. leopardus "Leopard Catus Pleco" L114 3" I love this pleco, bright red fins, leopard pattern body, super hot and hard to come by pleco, beautiful! $60.00/fish. (45)
Pseudocanthicus cf. leopardus "Leopard Catus Pleco" L114 3.5-3.5+" I love this pleco, bright red fins, leopard pattern body, super hot and hard to come by pleco, beautiful! $65.00/fish. (41)
Pseudocanthicus sp. L24 5-6" "Red fin catus Pleco" or "Flame Pleco" WOW, super rare, bright red trailing fins pop off these beautiful armoured monsters! $350.00/fish. (2)

Tank Raised Plecos:
Panaque maccus "Clown Pleco" L104 1.5-2" Beautiful gold bands really pop on this cool little pleco, nice fish! $10.00/fish. (10)

Authentic Neothauma Shells-Straight from the lake, what the real Tang shellies use! $5.00/Shell. (40)

Over the years we found that some of the fish foods had went to more filler than quality ingredients. So we started having a higher quality food made fresh for us and our breeding stock. When customers purchase our Trophs and Petros the biggest concern is not altering their diets to quickly. We started out just having this food made for our fish, but now with demand we are offering it to you the customer also.

New Just in, Spirulina Intense, first ingredient is spirulina, not filler like most. This is in my opinion the highest quality spirulina on the market. Once you go to the intense you will never go back. It is the only flake I feed my trophs and petros. We have it made fresh, your fish will love this deep green spirulina rich food.
Spirulina Intense: lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

New Just in, High grade spirulina disc, great for Trophs and Petros to graze on. We have found over the years that the disc offer a more natural way for Trophs and Petros to feed by getting face to face and grazing on them. They seem to keep them entertained for longer and strengthen the group dynamics by forcing close contact during grazing. They also keep the teeth down, less battered fins, better group dynamic. Works well with alternating flake every other day.
Spirulina disc: lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

Dont see what your looking for, just ask we will find it.

If you have any questions you can email me at LittleAfricaAquatics@hotmail.com or call (502)637-3495, Greg.

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I will try to get some pics up this week and will be confirming new import also this week.
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