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Default Current List LAA!

Due to the size of the list it is split into 2 post.

Current Fish List For LittleAfricaAquatics.ComThe #1 Importer of Tanganyikans In The USA Often Imitated But Never Duplicated!: 10/29/2013

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Wild Tanganyika:
Benthochromis tricoti 4-7" Came in stunning, healthy, males showing great finage yellows and blues, just so impressive! $105.00/fish. (10)
Callochromis sp. Kekese Flame 3-3.5" WOW, came in so nice, males firing up immediately, more red in their dorsals than a Xeno. Red Princess and a black lower body, these guys are stunning and the nicest callo. I have seen in along time, BREEDING, HOLDING RIGHT NOW, hot fish! $42.00/fish. (10)
Chalinochromis sp. ndobhoi 4-6"Came in stunning, good size, bright whites with a hint of blue in the fins, black mak and bars really stand out against the beautiful white bodies, very cool fish! $105.00/Pair. (4)
Cyph. gibberosa Chumbu Zaire Blue 4-6" RARE, Yes, Chumbu, you dont see these hit the states very often, it took along time to get these guys collected, didnt come in huge, but the color, deep blues glow, love these and you wont see them in the US very often, grab these up as quick as you can! $185.00/fish. (6) (2M) (4F)
Cyph. gibberosa Kitumba Zaire Blue 4.5-6" Amazing deep dark blues, realy crisp stripes, came in amazing, really nice color and size, vivid deep blue! $155.00/fish. (9) (3M) (6F)
Cyph. gibberosa Mikula Zaire Blue 4.5-6.5" Came in great, super healthy with the most vivid blues, deep, dark blues right out of the bag, didnt come in huge, but great color and crisp stripes, clean, absolutely stunners and crazy ratios! $155.00/fish. (22) (6M) (16F)
Cyprichromis leptosoma Moba Speckleback 3.5-4" It took me 2yrs to get these collected and nomatter what you hear from other socalled importers that arent even that familar with the fish I have spear headed collecting these and the Kitumba to get them to the US for 2yrs., got Kitumba last time, Moba this time, Males came in showing amzing purplish blues, vivid, yellow tails on some pops, was worth the wait, big and beautiful, the real deal, the Moba speckleback, truely amazing! $65.00/fish. (12) (Males)
Enantiopus sp. Kilesa 3.5-4.5" WOW, came in hot as hell, sift through the sand constantly, displaying, amazingly colored males, bright yellow throats, blacks, blues amazing, some of the nicest size and color I have seen in awhile! $75.00/fish. (17)
Eretmodus cyan. Kigoma Orange 2.5-3.5" Came in nicer than usual, bright orange pops of these guys, really nice with the yellow barred sides, red around the eyes, absolutely beautiful, stunners came in fat and healthy with some of the best color I have seen on this fish! $55.00/Pair. (2)
Eretmodus cyan. Mpulungu 3-3.5" Beautiful goby, very similar to the blue spot Zambian, but with a very stunning blue mouth, blue dots pop off the top of the body while the yelloe barred sides demand your attention, really beautiful! $60.00/Pair. (4)
Greenwoodochromis christyi 4.5-6" RARE, It took 2yrs, but glad to get these back in the US wild for the first time in years, amazing size, diamond sides light up with big blueish-green gill flaps, so cool, a deep water Tang. jewl you rarely see collected anymore, super cool! $90.00/fish. (4)
Julidochromis marlieri Kasanga 3.5-5" Love this local, very nice color, yellow hue to the body males the black checkerboard pattern really look nice, little blue in the fins, an amazing Julie., getting hard to land wild Julies these days! $100.00/Pair. (7)
Lamp. brevis Kavala 1.5-2+" Very cool little shellie here, shows nice tiger like stripes and the coolest big head, like little monsters, tons of personality! $15.00/fish. (16)
Lamp. callipterus 2-2.5" Super cool shellie, sit back and watch the show as these guys steal shells from each other and move them all over, so cool, beautiul little guys and tons of personality! $18.00/fish. (30)
Lamp. multifasciatus Mbita 1-2" One of the most popular shellies their is in the hobby, you see these guys often as they are mass breeders, but you dont see nice wilds from Africa like this much anymore, beautiful clean stripes, personality for miles, a fish you can watch all day, amazing! $18.00/fish. (38)
Lamp. sp. ornatipinnis Kigoma 1.5-2.5" Proven breeding pair, nice little shellie, tons of personality, cool shellie! $55.00/Pair. (2)
Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 3-3.5+" Amazing camo bodies, really beautiful markings, amazing shellie! $55.00/Pair. (6)
Lepidiolamprologus Kendalli 4-6+" When do you see these imported anymore, never, amazing predator, checkerboard markings, blues, yellows, amazing fish, a big boy Tang., super hot fish! $155.00/Pair. (2)
Lepidiolamprologus sp. boulengeri 2.5-3" Very cool shellie, nice camo patterns really are stunning, tons of personality, nice Lep.! $55.00/Pair. (21)
Lepidiolamprologus Nkambe 4-6+" Wicked Tang. predator, long pike like body with amazing markings, nice blues and yellows in the face, hot fish, not collected a lot anymore! $155.00/Pair. (2)
Lepidiolamprologus profundicola 4" RARE, Wicked predator, huge head and mouth, beautiful markings and yellow color! $75.00/fish. (1)
Limnochromis auritus 3.5-4" RARE, very unique biparental mouthbrooder, these guys have huge eyes and look like a souped up Triglachromis otostigma, cool, also a mud dweller, just a super neat Tang you dont see imported very often, Tang. lovers should own atleast one pair! $75.00/Pair. (5)
Lobochilotes labiatus 3.5-5.5" Rare unique tang., love these guys, zebra pattern on the white body really stands out and the big curled up lips look so cool! $65.00/fish. (19)
Neolamp. cylindricus Kambwimba 4-4.5" Proven breeding pair, stunning black pattern with hints of blue, amazing pair, show quality male and fry producing machines, stunning color! $100.00/Pair. (2)
Neolamp. modestus Kavala 3.5-4.5" Very unique lamp. you dont see very often, long body with a slight hump on the head, very cool! $60.00/Pair. (8)
Neolamp. mustax Orange Milambo 3-3.5" Stunning little fish, the nicest color-yellowish orange, the orange fins stand out, rarely see these anymore, hot lamp.! $95.00/Pair. (2)
Neolamp. pulcher Kantalamba daffodil 3-3.5" Bright yellow dorsals, long finage and all the personality one could ask for, stunning! $60.00/Pair. (6)
Ophth. ventralis Mtoto 5-6" RARE, never had these before and WOW, males are full color, bluish gray metallic bodies are crazy looking and some yellows in the fins, I mean males are showing full color and are show specimans, very cool fish, extra show males discounted! $48.00/fish. (3) (3M)
Petrochromis famula Tembwe Gold 3.5-5+" RARE, WOW, dont see these very often, amazing marbled mask and an almost gold reflective copper body makes this a top famula, real stunners, very happy with landing these copper beauties! $64.00/fish. (6) (3M) (3F)
Petrochromis polyodon Mtoto 6-7" RARE, Came in nice and big, eating well, bright yellows and purples, very rare petro., males came in amazing color and monsters, beautiful, even females have nice yellows, really nice! $100.00/fish. (1M)
Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu 5-7" RARE, The real deal, my personal breeding group, bright blood red male with beautiful blue mask and stunning finage, big fat females, nice yellow around the cheek and olive green bodies, still the #1 petro.! $525.00/fish. (4) (4F)
Syn. eurystoma/polli 3.5-5+" Great looking syno., beautiful markings similar to a petricola, but slightly different a very beautiful! $45.00/fish. (4)
Syn. multipunctatus 3.5-4" Great syno., nice big fat cats, make great breeders! $25.00/fish. (30)
Syn. spec. Crocodile Island 3.5-6" NEW, RARE, looks like a petricola some but even cooler, some nice size beauties came in this import! $36.00/fish. (12)
Tanganicodus irsacae Kigoma 2.5-3" Wow, only had these once before they rival the Kibishi, vivid blue dots pop off the body and glow, mix that with some oranges and a black dot in the dorsal acting like a fake eyeball for predators, this is one hot goby! $65.00/Pair. (20)
Telmatochromis temporalis "Shell" 1.5-2" Super cool little ugly shellie with a smashed looking face, very unique looking and full of personality! $45.00/Pair. (2)
Triglachromis otostigma 2.5-3.5" Super cool unique Tang., the mud dweller, has beautiful green gill flaps, a purpleish shine to its metalic body, biparental and super cool and peaceful Tang., really majestic fish and a oddball Tang. great! $65.00/Pair. (12)
Tropheus assorted 3-4" On many imports we get some oddball wilds or extra males so this is assorted wild trophs below cost! $15.00/fish. (19)
Tropheus brichardi Kabimba "Canary Cheek" 3-4" Bright yellow mask on dark chocolate bodies right out of the bag, came in fat and healthy with stunning color, one of the nicest brichardis there is! $34.00/fish. (50) (16M) (34F)
Tropheus brichardi Kongwe RARE, This is a Troph that was supposed to be in the US a couple of times, but im not sure it ever has made here, atleast not the real local of Kongwe, these are similar to Yungu, but the green is more intense, still has the same black tail and blue eyes and even some blue in the face, but the green is so much more impressive, seafoam green, which is tough because the Yungu are amazing too, super rare troph, only a hand full offered to me and did my best to beg for more to get a wopping 13! $90.00/fish. (9) (2M) (7F)
Tropheus brichardi Yungu Green Congo 2.5-3.5" Came in small, but young and healthy and mind blowing ratio, tons of young little girls, these guys are amazing get a big tail that looks seperate from the fish as its solid black against their greenish bodies, also alittle line in their face makes them look like they are angry, just alot going on and so cool, oh yeah and a blue eye, beat that! $42.00/fish. (64) (17M) (47F)
Tropheus moorii Kapampa "Limespot" 3-4" RARE, truely love this troph I was so happy to see it for the first time in years, it has so much going for it, a mask of bars on the face like alittle petro and that sweet lime spotted side, just such a cool little troph, I wish more people had the chance to exp. it, ive only been able to import it once before, super rare and super cool, this is the group I hand picked for myself to breed, but I dont have the room right now to keep them, hot fish! $45.00/fish. (39) (12M) (27F)
Tropheus moorii Mpulungu "The Pineapple Tropheus" AKA Kaskalaswe 3-3.5" Came in fat and healthy with the brightest colors, always has been one of my fav trophs, orange on some yellow on others sides, pop, some reds and blues in the fins with dots on the head make these guys stunninng and a must own for any troph lover, amazing ratio! $28.00/fish. (15) (3M) (12F)
Tropheus sp. Black Kiriza 3-4" Came in super nice and healthy, dont see these wild as much as you use too, came in with the richest most vivid yellows, really pop off the jetblack bodies, not the rarest troph, but an amazing troph and great ratio! $34.00/fish. (24) (4M) (20F)
Tropheus sp. Black lueba 3-4" RARE, these guys have only hit the US a handful of times, theres a reason I kept a group last time for myself, truely amazing, jetblack bodies with a yellow patch on their backs, nothing is uniform, some thick dots, some sadles, some with yellow over one eye others on both, just so cool theres not enough room on the page to give these guys justice, they are my new fav. troph and the apple of my eye, im sorry to go and on, but they are that cool, dont think im not thinking of keeping them all to make a super group! $75.00/fish. (25) (8M) (17F)
Tropheus sp. Red "The Golden Chisanse" 3-4" Holysh*t!, its been awhile since I have had these and I forgot how amazing they are, plus these are some of the nicest I have ever had, the name golden sticks as these guys almost seem to glow with bright yellows and reds, stunning, collected at Cape Nundo this is a must have troph for troph lovers, I would say they rival Ilangi in color, flat out beautiful and unquie! $42.00/fish. (14) (4M) (10F)
Variabilichromis moorii 4-5" Really cool Tang., these guys have a unique shape for Tangs, its like a saltwater angel, they are jetblack with a fringe of blue aroudn them, they are mass breeders and whats cool is they produce bright gold fry that will slowly turn black as they mature, very unquie, beautiful Tang.! $75.00/Pair. (12)
Xenotilapia nigrolabiata "Cherry Princess" 3.5" RARE, stunning Xeno. with huge eyes and blazing reds in the dorsal, unique Xeno. not seen very often, hot! $135.00/fish. (1)

Tank Raised Tanganyika:
F1 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza Black 2-3+" Some males starting to show amazing color, golds and blacks, one of the most popular micros out there, these come from amazing breeding stock and some solid black males, sub adults, top quality, pics of parents on request, amazing! $36.00/fish. (10)
F1 Cyph. gibberosa Kitumba Zaire Blue 1" Amazing strand here, already showing deep dark blues at 1", perfect stripes, beautiful Zaire! $35.00/fish. (4)
F1 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 3" Nice yellow and black on these little breeders, proven breeders, just started, nice color! $40.00/Pair. (2)
F1 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 1.5-2" Rich yellows and blacks compliment each other so well, really beautiful fish! $10.00/fish. (11)
F1 Julidochromis regani Kipili 2.5-3" Nice young trio, beautiful yellow, really vivid, great color and will make superb breeders for along time! $55.00/Trio. (3)
F1 Julidochromis regani Kipili 1-2+" Amazing strand here, bright yellows, one of the most beautiful julies.! $10.00/fish. (10)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus elongatus 1.5-2" White dots pop off the body, nice yellow in the eyes, truely amazing Tang., long pike like body, powerful fish, so nice! $16.00/fish. (16)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus Nkambe 1.5-2" Wicked Tang. predator, long pike like body with amazing markings, nice blues and yellows in the face, hot fish, good size! $18.00/fish. (12)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi Karilani Orange 1-2" Stunning, bright orange no black, vivid orange, you want Orange leleupi, you want these, hot as hell, really beautiful! $18.00/fish. (12)
F1 Neolamp. tretocephalaus 1.5-2" Bright blues really glow, vivid jetblack stripes, nice yellow around the eyes, everyone loves a tret, super cool Tang., a must have for any Tang. community tank! $15.00/fish. (12)
F1 Neolamp. walteri 1-1.5" Beautiful Tang, resembles a daffodil, but with defined color in the sides outlining each scale, very unique Tang.! $12.00/fish. (7)
F1 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" Kambwimba 1-1.5" Beautiful blue pinstripes pop off these little guys already! $15.00/fish. (8)
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" Albino 3.5" Show quality albino male, beautiful burning white with a hot blue pinstripes, amazing fish! $54.00/fish. (1)
F1 Petrochromis famula Tembwe Gold 2.5-3.5" Proven breeding group, beautiful color on these little guys, a great starter petro and already breeding and producing tons of fry, have spit fry in the tank this week, 10/11, HOLDING RIGHT NOW! $35.00/fish. (16) (6M) (10F)
F1 Simochromis diagramma Zambia 1.5" Very unique troph like Tang. males get amazing blues, greens, reds this fish has it all, start breeding at 2+" and are super prolific, very cool fish and great mouthbrooder, hot fish! $18.00/fish. (5)
F1 Syn. multipunctatus 2-2.5+" Super cool little cats, beautiful silver bodies with black, swim like little sharks! $15.75/fish. (6)
F1 Syn. petricola 1" Love this syno., beautiful markings, white tipped fins, a must have in any Tang. tank! $15.00/fish. (70)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Kabimba Canary Cheek 1-2" Gets the most amazing yellow cheek that pops off the chocolate bodies, cool brichardi! $16.00/fish. (32)
F1 Tropheus duboisi Karilani White Band 1-2" Love these guys, ofcourse the dotted fry everyone loves, the Karilani are so nice showing amazing blue in the face and the bright clean white band really stands out against the jetblack body, super prolific troph, breed like rats, beautiful and a great starter troph to breed, just add water! $15.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus moorii Chaitika Blue Rainbow 1-1.5" Already showing amazing blues, love these guys and even show nice yellow in the sides, really nice troph.! $15.00/fish. (26)
F1 Tropheus moorii Green murago 1-1.5" these guys have always been one of my favs, a troph with freckles all over its face, yellows that pop and is a green tropheus, beat that, amazing, just amazing! $18.00/fish. (42)
F1 Tropheus moorii Ilangi Yellow Nkamba Bay 1-1.5" The #1 Troph, great strand here, wild breeders show amazing bright yellow bodies with blood red dorsals, hand picked breeding group produces the highest quality fry, stunning! $21.00/fish. (30)
F1 Tropheus moorii Purple Lufubu 1-1.5" Stunning color even on these little guys, purples, reds, yellows, just stunning fish, flat out stunning! $16.00/fish. (20)
Tropheus Red Bishop 1-1.5" WOW, even at 1" these guys glow bright orange, just feeding spirulina flake, as adults they get amazing reds and oranges just stunning fish, almost like a goldfish tropheus, as most know I dont usually like man made fish, but my friend wanted to breed them so I told him ok and after seeing the group its hard not to be alittle amazed by them and their breeding like rabbits, beautiful, beautiful fish! $36.00/fish. (11)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Kirshfleck AKA Red Bulu "Cherry spot" 1-1.5", Even at 1.5" the reds pop off the jetblack bodies, amazing bright red spots are so nice against the black body and this is a top strand with huge spots, everyone loves the cherries, top black troph.! $16.00/fish. (50)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Kiriza AKA Kasier II 1.5-2" You cant beat these for a black sp., the richest yellow of any troph, really stands out on a jetblack body and these guys show it early and they start breeding early, very prolific and a great starter troph for someone wanting to try their hand at breeding trophs, just add water, great troph.! $15.00/fish. (20)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Mboko 1.5-2" Dont see these guys around much, they are a stunning yellow and black troph that rival any Ikola or Kasier II, beautiful and hard to come by the Mboko, a must have for the true troph lover! $16.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Pemba "Orange Flame" 1.5-2" I have always loved these since my first group in the 90s, stunning bright, rich orange bands pop off the jetblack bodies, these little guys at 1.5-2" are starting to band up and showcase one of the prettiest colors of any trophs, rich orange beauty! $16.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus sp. Red Moliro Congo 1-2" Love these guys, red is burning hot even at 1", vivid, good size and fat little guys, one of the nicest red trophs there is, HOT! $16.00/fish. (33)
F1 Tropheus sp. Ikola 1.5-2" Jetblack bodies with wide bright yellow bands, hard to beat these beauties, great strand, beatiful! $15.00/fish. (46)
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Wild Malawian:
Aul. Maulana Bi-Color 500 3.5-4.5" Came in real nice, bright purples with stunning yellows that really contrast the body, hot peacock! $78.00/Pair. (10)
Aul. sp. Blue Neon Undu Point 3-4.5" Came in amazing, burning blues and yellows really pop, nice peacocks will make super nice breeding stock, sweet color! $78.00/Pair. (15)
Aul. sturat. Ngara "Flame tail" 3-4" Crazy blue males with beautiful orange flame going through the body and tail, hot, hot, hot! $45.00/fish. (5) (1M) (4F)
Placidochromis sp. phenochilus "Tanzania Star Sapphire" 5.5-6.5" Rare, proven breeders, males with stunning blue bodies and starting to show lite blue specks, as they get older they will gain more specks making them one of the most amazing Malawians there is out there, females nice and big and have huge spawns, female holding righ now-10/25, top Malawian! $84.00/fish. (9) (4M) (5F)

Tank Raised Malawian:
Aul. German Red 3-3.5" WOW, stunning redish orange males with nice blues, really hot color, already breeding, eye burning color, beautiful! $25.00/fish. (6)
Aul. jacob. "Eureka Red" Peacock 2.5-3" Amazing show male and breeding trio, male shows amazing reds and blues, high quality! $75.00/Trio. (3)
Aul. rubescens "Ruby Red Peacock" 3.5-4" Proven breeders and one of the hottest show males, bright reds burn your eyes, show speciman and this group kranks out fry, female holding right now, 10/28, amazing strand! $175.00/Group. (6) (1M) (5F)
Aul. rubescens "Ruby Red Peacock" 2-3" Nice strand, little males starting to show amazing redish oranges and bright blue faces, breeding, holding right now, really nice strand! $35.00/Pair. (16)
Aul. sturat. Ngara Albino "Flame tail" 5" Amazing Ngara albino show male, vivid colors, I have some regular wild females that would go great with him also, stunning fish! $65.00/fish. (1)
F1 Champsochromis caeruleus "The Trout Cichlid" 3-3.5" Males develop the most amazing blues and reds, long fins, stunning fish, arent many Malawians that could hold a candle to them color wise, stunning! $21.00/fish. (3)
F1 Cyrtocara moorii "The Blue Dolphin" 2-3" Beautiful strand, amazing blues, one of the most popular africans of all time, the dolphin, beautiful and a must have! $12.50/fish. (29)
Labidochromis caeruleus "Lion's Cove" 2" You cant beat this color, vivid rich yellows with jetblack black lined dorsals, stunning color! $15.00/fish. (6)
F1 Nimbochromis venustus 2-3" Amazing camo pattern highlighted with yellows, males showing blue in the face already, really beautiful fish! $12.75/fish. (28)
F1 Placidochromis sp. phenochilus "Tanzania Star Sapphire" 2-2.5" RARE, these guys are hard to come by, males get amazing blue bodies with baby blue specks all over, a stunning show fish for any Malawian tank, beautiful, even at this small size showing amazing blues! $24.00/fish. (26)
F1 Protomelas sp. Spilonotus Tanzania 2.5-3" Amazing blue and yellow color even at this small size, these guys get huge and are impressive with such bright colors! $35.00/Pair. (2)
F1 Pseudotropheus demasoni "Pombo Rocks" 2-2.5" Beautiful fish, great strand here, clean stripes, deep blues and black stripes, stunning, just starting to breed! $15.00/fish. (18)

Wild Plecos:
Leporacanthicus joselimai "Sultan Gray Pleco"L264 6-7" Never seen these this big, full grown adults, amazing gray bodies with black pokadots all over and white tipped fins, amazing, stunning pleco, feeding aggressively! $175.00/fish. (3)
Leporacanthicus joselimai "Sultan Gray Pleco"L264 3-4" Came in so nice bright white tipped fins and awesome black pokadots pop off the dark gray bodies, one of my fav plecos, feeding aggressively! $58.00/fish. (18)
Panaque cf. nigrolineatus "Watermelon Pleco"L330 8-10" Big fat red eyed beauties, came in nicer than usual, that amazing yellow, vivid amazing color in the stripes, feeding aggressively, just a show stopper of a pleco, beast! $85.00/fish. (1)
Peckoltia compta The Leopard Frog Pleco L134 3-3.5" Came in nice size and healthy, one of the most popular plecos, these guys with their striped patterns are so beautiful and such a neat little pleco, feeding aggressively! $75.00/fish. (10)
Pseudocanthicus cf. leopardus "Leopard Catus Pleco" L114 3-3.5+" I love this pleco, bright red fins, leopard pattern body, super hot and hard to come by pleco, feeding aggressively, beautiful! $65.00/fish. (16)
Pseudocanthicus sp. L024 "Red fin catus Pleco" or "Flame Pleco" 5-6" WOW, super rare, bright red trailing fins pop off these beautiful armoured monsters, feeding aggressively! $250.00/fish. (1)
Pseudocanthicus sp. L025 "The Scarlet Catus Pleco" 5-6" Super rare pleco, these guys came in strong and stunning, bright redish orange fins, nice trailers, just amazing and feeding aggressively! $275.00/fish. (4)
Scobinancistrus aureatus The Goldy Sunshine Pleco L14 10-12" Bright yellow monsters, big and fat, amazing color, huge, show quality plecos, feeding aggressively, HOT PLECO! $300.00/fish. (3)
Scobinancistrus aureatus The Goldy Sunshine Pleco L143.5-4" Nice size, feeding aggressively, showing amazing yellows and oranges, just flat out beautiful pleco! $75.00/fish. (7)

Tank Raised Plecos:
Ancistrus sp. "Albino Bushynose Pleco" 3-3.5" Nice young breeders, stunning color, nice bristles on the male, proven breeding pair! $65.00/Pair. (2)
Ancistrus sp. "Brown Bushynose Pleco" 2.5-3.5" Young proven breeding pairs, beautiful markings and will be great breeders for along time! $58.00/Pair. (6)

Other Fish:
Wild Geophagus tapajos "Orange Head" 3.5-5.5" Proven breeding group, wow, the redish orange in the heads is so stunning and bright, the finage with blues and oranges is so nice, these guys are fry producing machines and so amazingly beautiful! $24.00/fish. (16)

Authentic Neothauma Shells Straight from the lake, what the real Tang shellies use, came in amazing, fresh with bright colors, not those faded white old ones were use too! $5.00/Shell. (35) Not perfect or older white shells $2.50/Shell. (25)
Texas Holey RockBeautiful rock for african tanks, very popular! $2.75/lb. or bulk 100lbs or more $2.25/lb..

Over the years we found that some of the fish foods had went to more filler than quality ingredients. So we started having a higher quality food made fresh for us and our breeding stock. When customers purchase our Trophs and Petros the biggest concern is not altering their diets to quickly. We started out just having this food made for our fish, but now with demand we are offering it to you the customer also.

New Just in, Spirulina Intense, first ingredient is spirulina, not filler like most. This is in my opinion the highest quality spirulina on the market. Once you go to the intense you will never go back. It is the only flake I feed my trophs and petros. We have it made fresh, your fish will love this deep green spirulina rich food.
Spirulina Intense: ? lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.
New Just in, High grade spirulina disc, great for Trophs and Petros to graze on. We have found over the years that the disc offer a more natural way for Trophs and Petros to feed by getting face to face and grazing on them. They seem to keep them entertained for longer and strengthen the group dynamics by forcing close contact during grazing. They also keep the teeth down, less battered fins, better group dynamic. Works well with alternating flake every other day.
Spirulina disc: ? lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

Dont see what your looking for, just ask we will find it.

If you have any questions you can email me at LittleAfricaAquatics@hotmail.com or call (502)637-3495, Greg.
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