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Old 06-13-2012, 09:54 PM
Gene D
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Smaller groups of petros can be successfully kept and bred if you use dither fish. I have kept my group of 7 Wild Macro Dine for over a year now in a 180 with 40+ tropheus. I would have bought more but there has only ever been one import of these fish (Discman was fortunate enough to get the large breeders, I bought what was left). I say this not to dispute the knowledge of others but to let people know that there are alternatives.
120g Tropheus Moorii Kambwimba
180g Petrochromis Macrognathus Dine/ Tropheus Moorii Namansi I
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Old 06-14-2012, 10:20 AM
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My experiance has been that having a lot of fish in the tank is the best formula for limiting aggression. I respect that most seem to prescribe large single varient groups but I have several small groups of different varients in the same tank and adding any more fish has always seemed to work when aggression was flaring up. Hoping to keep the force balanced, I'm about to add relativly small group of Polyodons to replace a colony of trophs (The trophs just ain't gettin' it with my BGs and I want to get out of trophs anyway). Was kind of antsy about that before Gene's comment reminded me to trust the facts of my own experiance. Of course, the whole thing could blow up on me. To me, trying to be successful in the face of that tension is what makes Petros the top of the game.

One other thing. The high bioload makes maintaining water quality a little more labor intensive but I must find that acceptable...I keep doing it without complaint. Gotta be ready to bit that off.
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moshi, w or c

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